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My Angel

9 Sep

I see something. It’s a little light!

It’s not just beautiful, it is splendid and bright

It could be the moon, the sun or maybe a shiny star

I can’t see it too well, because it is too far

It’s not just an ordinary light

It’s a special light, that’s right!

It’s love and passion, it’s red as wine

This light represents my moon-rays, my sunshine…

My reason to live, my pure happiness

My medicine but also an incurable illness

My poison and my antidote

My fairy-tale and an anecdote

It is like the green of the nature

But more like the blue of the sky

The little becomes major

It gives me wings so I can fly…

What could it be?

The highest mountain or the deepest sea?

The sweetest dolphins or the greatest birds?

I can’t even express myself in words…

Is it something I like or someone I think about?

It is my East, my North, my West and my South

It is my everything, it is my all

It is you my angel, it is you my love…

lovers on a bench