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Mr. and Mrs. Sex Puppet

26 Jan

As I have promised, I am back, writing about brand-obsessed girls who cry over a broken nail, frivolous wives who would immediately sell their wedding rings for a new Gucci handbag, guys who chase after naked girls on Facebook, and much more.

Today’s article deals with both men and women who share a common feature: shallow thinking. Did she just say shallow? At the risk of being heard, I shall try to define this feature, which is so common nowadays that it’s already considered part of a normal behavior.

What is shallow?


The emotional necessity of feeling important in the society, getting other people’s appreciation and fitting in, have turned many of us into the slaves of our own minds. Perhaps these are the reasons why today’s society, when people do not hesitate to judge someone’s personality on how they look, is more superficial than ever.

We are thought that looks is a very important issue, but is this an acceptable justification to spend all your money on expensive brand bags and clothes, even if you cannot afford them, just to show off?

When men refer to all women as bitches, without realizing that they are also offending their mothers, do they think twice before dumping their girlfriends for not being ‘good in bed’?

Also, is it fair to talk trash about a woman who cheated on someone and call her a bitch, but to minimize the same mistake when it comes to men just because, you see, ‘they all do that’? Not to mention there is not even a close male equivalent of the word bitch.

materialistic woman

Getting married for money has become so common over the past years that hearing about a poor man getting rich to a wealthy woman no longer surprises anyone. Yes, we live in a century when women are not the only ones whose desire for material comfort is stronger than their feelings of moral restraint.

Here are some practical examples of what shallow people do.

You are a shallow woman if…

– 90% of the space allowed for your profile picture on Facebook/Twitter is reserved for your lips
– You hourly check the amount of your pink lip-gloss in your smartphone’s reflection
– You go to the ladies’ room just to let men in the restaurant admire your hot buttocks while walking
– You choose your friends for their good looks or good social position.

shallow woman

You are a shallow man if…

– You go to the gym just to glance at pretty girls while they work out
– You date a woman and make her fall in love with you, just to get her in your bed
– You are embarrassed to be seen with your girlfriend in public, if she is fat or ugly
– You bought an Iphone (or even a fake one) just to impress pretty ladies willing to sell their attention to the one who gives the most.

Has today’s society gone mad?

People cheating on their partners after years of marriage, 13-year-old girls having abortion, parents killing their children, growing distrust in government worldwide; this is the description, which makes us wonder if the world has really gone bad.

I recently read an article about women who want to become experts in sucking…Chupa Chups Lollipops, of course. I am talking about the latest trend: attending oral sex classes. And what is your problem with that, you’d say, don’t you know that a good blowjob is the secret to a successful marriage?


My bad. I am just curious; do you also get a diploma or something after attending these sex classes? And if so, what does it write on it, ‘Dick-Sucking Specialist’? This way you can take it with you on a first date and prove your sucking abilities. Don’t take it wrong, paying three hundred dollars to professionally suck a plastic cock, while so many men would let you suck theirs for FREE, is an undeniably clever idea.

Global brainwashing

‘I wanna marry a loving faithful wife, but…I’ll fuck this hot bitch first’

Hoping that a faithful wife will fall off the sky right on your bed, while you chase after a hot teenager’s panties, is as stupid as thinking that a girl will act like a bitch in bed only with you. Chasing after girls who are not even close to your ideal of woman, is not only a waste of time, but also a serious lack of self-respect.

Television, press, music, internet, all these are powerful mind control factors, which contribute to the shaping of modern mentality. We are currently witnessing the death of morality and the growth of indecency, hidden behind the fashion trends mask.

Why do music clips have so much nudity? Why do the singers show on the scene wearing really tight uniforms or only underwear? It’s simple, because sex sells. This is how people get to value sex more than love, respect, compassion or kindness, each day, condemning themselves and the future generation to a world of lies and deceptions.

Rescuing Normality

‘Maybe you will forget where he took you or what he said, but you will never forget how he made you feel’

In a sex-dominated society, this statement is controversial. Can Mr. Sex Puppet think about his feelings when he rolls in the hay with a blonde busty chick? Can Mrs. Sex Puppet become a faithful wife after spreading her legs wide for…let’s see, how many men were they?! Who knows? Maybe they will meet on Facebook, ‘get in a serious relationship’, and the problem is solved.
sex puppets

Nowadays, everything is possible. However, letting our mind go the right way, whenever our heart go the wrong way is the only chance we’ve got to rescue normality. This does not mean that our feelings are less important than our ration, but that you can only make the world a less superficial place, by realizing that you must first turn yourself into a less superficial person.

Women should no more see themselves and consequently let others treat them as sexual objects, following unworthy female role models. They should seek and emphasize their inner beauty and look forward strong women who did not have to pose nude to grab male’s attention and appreciation.

Find out if you are also shallow when it comes to love and dating, by asking yourself:

If you had to choose your wife or husband based on only one question, what would that be?

**Disclaimer: This article is not intended to insult or offend anyone in any way. It represents a personal point of view and should be treated accordingly. I respect your right to disagree with my opinion.