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What a girl wants? What a girl needs?

20 Sep

Women are so hard to understand. My wife cries for no reason and when I ask her what’s wrong, she always says ‘nothing’.

You tell me, man? My girlfriend is even worse. She always expects me to read her mind. Who does she think I am, David Copperfield?

I don’t know, bro. Women are like an impossible map. The more you try to understand them, the more you get lost.

Are the guys having this conversation just an exception, or all men ask themselves what women really want? Now isn’t this one of the most challenging questions in the 21th century, when men and women have equal rights, when women work and earn more than men, while men are as equally involved in household chores as women?

Unlocking the mystery of women has always been an impossible task for men. Not even Sigmund Freud, the founding father of psychoanalysis, managed to discover women’s secrets. As shocking as it might seem, here is the truth: women are actually not aliens! Well, at least not all of them. If you are one of the guys who cannot understand women, read these four handy hints about them and you might be able to solve this puzzle!

First tip – Emotional betrayal

sad woman Girls cry, this is a fact. Why? A guy’s answer would be ‘for no reason’. But guess what? Women cry for many reasons, which vary depending on each one’s personality and the problem she is facing. If a superficial woman will cry over a broken nail, other’s tears might be a consequence of a prolonged state of sadness and negative feelings that she has been holding in for a long time. This does not make them weak or stupid; they are just more softhearted than men are and need to relieve the tension in their minds. Whenever they cry, women don’t need to hear men’s epic question ‘why are you crying again’, but only his arms wrapped around her waist.

Second tip – Overthinking

One of the things women are great at is overthinking. If men never think twice when it comes to choosing their work outfit, most women will probably pick out their clothes the night before. This female feature becomes annoying for a man only when it comes to parties and he has to wait for hours before his girlfriend makes up her mind. So, don’t be surprised if after changing more than ten outfits, she returns to the first one. Other things women will always overthink are related to life, career, love, decision-making, weight; from the smallest details in her life, to hard existential issues like her place in the universe.

Third tip – Why beautiful women date ugly men?

You have certainly seen, on the street or on TV, beautiful women hooked up with ugly men and asked yourself: How did that dork get that beauty? Eh, he certainly has a fat wallet! No? Then, what is his secret?
Boys, listen up! Women are not as interested in how pronounced your abs muscles are, or on how thick your arms are after getting ripped with steroids, as they are in your behavior and on the way you make them feel. Women like men who take care of their looks, but the key to their heart is a nice behavior. Don’t turn a deaf ear to the ones who say that women love bad guys. They might be attracted to them, but they will never keep a serious relationship with someone who doesn’t make them feel loved and appreciated. Do you remember Rihanna’s song lyrics ‘want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world’? This is exactly what you have to do to get the woman of your dreams.

Forth tip – Women like love stories

love storySo, what exactly do women want and what do they really need? Women crave for attention, affection, time, challenges, loyalty, respect, massages and, of course, sweet words. What they really need is LOVE. A woman who does not love anyone and isn’t loved by anyone is as empty as a library without books. Every woman’s world is centered around this magical feeling. So, if you still don’t manage to understand women, all you have to do is to love them and everything else will come naturally.

Useful tips to Impress Any Woman

• Play with kids in front of her
• Always listen to what she has to say
• Kiss her when she fights with you
• Surprise her with handmade gifts
• Praise her in front of other women, your friends and family
• Buy her a puppy
• Choose a song for your relationship
• Hug her when she sleeps
• Name a star after her
• The most important -> Never cum first!